Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stopping Police Crimes based on Institutionalized Racism

The proposed goal of the breakout is “to encourage broad coalitions to address police crimes targeted against black and Latino youth under the false premise of ‘securing and protecting the community’.”

Session Leader: Kevin Tyson

Resolutions of the working group:

1. The National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (referred to below as Alliance) needs to be revived and re-energized. This includes making a special and serious effort to reach out to youth and other organizations.

2. We need a method of communication which would include a newsletter and maintaining of a mailing list.

3. The organization needs to hold periodic meetings such as this Forum either quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

4. The organization needs to reach out to others who are not Alliance members. (Stop talking to just ourselves).

5. The organization (i.e., the Alliance) needs to adopt a more comprehensive approach. Not only to the police but the judges, prosecutors, political figures, who control the attack dogs.

We need to look at other forms of institutional racism such a sexist treatment of women of color in various professions.

To become involved in this working group:

Use the working groups sign-up form to select groups to get involved in.

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