Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stopping Police Crimes Against Women

The goal of this breakout session was to discuss Civilian Police Accountability Councils’ legislation and its impact on a strategy to build a strong coalition to eradicate police violence against women including rape, battery, murder and other human rights violations.

Session Leader: Crista Noel


Nicole D’Anza, Jackie - DePaul University

Sonja Wallace - Women's All Points Bulletin (WAPB) Board Member

Beverly Wilson Ellison, Sr. - Women's All Points Bulletin (WAPB) Founder


John May - St. Louis

Ken Jones - St. Louis

Vikki Muhammad - Florida

Queen Mother


Jim McCoy - Bronzeville




Addressing the Four Categories of Victimization in reference to Police Crimes

Physical - Aggravated Battery, murder, tasings/electrical shock, sexual assault

Emotional and Psychological - Intimidation, malicious prosecution

Social - Blaming the victim

Financial - Records, “checking the box”, Job loss

Resolutions of the working group:

1. Supporting demands for body cameras on police and mandatory video cams in cars with 360 degree cameras as well as audios of arrestees in the back seat of squad cars.

2. Support the demand that accused officers pay for their own legal representations in both civil and criminal litigations.

3. That our movement demand better enforcement of orders of protection sought by women during and after divorce custody proceedings and improved liaisons between courts and police in IPV cases.

4. That our movement support the demands for diversity and sensitivity training for officers while they are in the police academy.

5. That our movement support the demands for transparency of all complaint reports.

6. That our movement support demands for attorneys for victims of police crimes and special independent investigators.

7. No guns. Only tasers.

8. Special independent investigators for sexual assault victims.

9. Only female officers in female lock-up.

10. That officers be required to call in and report mileage when transporting female prisoners; and videoed to support reported mileage.

11. Limit the length of interrogation of people held in custody.

12. Make it mandatory that parents be notified immediately if their children are taken into custody.

13. Mandatory reporting of police crimes by emergency room doctors.

14. Training with respect to people with disabilities.

15. Demand use of human rights mechanisms to address police crimes and use of UN special rapporteurs to report individual cases to appropriate international bodies.

To become involved in this working group:

Use the working groups sign-up form to select groups to get involved in.

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