Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stopping Police Crimes and FBI Repression Against Peace and Solidarity Movements

The proposed goal of the breakout was “to build support for the rights of peace and solidarity and anti-capitalist movements and to expose and resist police crimes against them including agents provocateur, frame ups, false arrests, and imprisonment. Also, to build support for all movements to organize and protest peacefully."

Session Leaders: Joe Iosbaker and Muhammad Sankari

Resolutions of the working group:

1. Whereas: Federal repression of political activism continues today against all communities opposed to oppressive government policies.

2. Whereas: The Government continues to target people based on race, religion, or political opposition as a way to instill fear in their communities.

3. Whereas: We understand power concedes nothing except in the face of more power.

4. Whereas: A defense of activists & community leaders weakens law enforcements ability to repress all people.

5. Whereas: Rasmea Odeh, a community icon & activist who has dedicated her life for justice of all people is under attack by the Federal government.

This forum calls on people to mobilize in defense of Rasmea at her trial in the Federal Courthouse in Detroit, MI beginning June 10th, 2014
This forum also demands the government to end preemptive prosecution and free all political prisoners!

To become involved in this working group:

Use the working groups sign-up form to select groups to get involved in.

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