Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Coordinating Committee to Lead the Follow-on Work of the National Forum

At the conclusion of the May National Forum on Police Crimes, a series of resolutions were arrived at by individual working groups, and there was a resolution to form a coordinating committee.

The coordinating committee began its work on July 6, 2014, with the following members:

Coordinating Committee Members

Frank Chapman
Mike Siviwe Elliot
Jazz Hayden
Joe Iosbaker
Nelson Linder
Coraminita Mahr
Anne Mitchell
Joey Mogul
Crista Noel
Kevin Tyson
Willie Williamson

The work of the coordinating committee is supported by an operations team:

Operations Team Members

Ted Pearson
Joe Scarry
Sarah Wild

To follow up with the coordinating committee, please contact Frank Chapman - fchapman@naarpr.org