Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stopping Police Crimes Against the Labor Movement

The proposed goal of the breakout was “to encourage labor activists and labor unions to work in solidarity with community groups and to encourage a broader coalition to resist police crimes committed against unemployed, undocumented, and working people, particularly those struggling for improved economic conditions and labor rights.”

Session Leader: Mike Siviwe Elliot, Anne Mitchell, Pat Fry

Resolutions of the working group:

1. Supporting the labor movement and raising the bar for social justice through involvement in grass roots organizing and educating the masses on the issue of police crimes.

2. Unite with workers in defending their rights to organize realizing that the labor movement is an essential component in the struggle for social justice.

3. Consider ways in which to work with unions pursuant to the AFL-CIO convention resolution (in 2013) opposing mass incarceration and recognizing its impact on people of color.

4. Building support for CPAC by mobilizing union support through resolutions calling for the Chicago City Council to pass CPAC; by forming alliances with labor in defense of immigrant communities suffering from police repression, ICE raids and so on; and by engaging electoral candidates on the question of CPAC and joining our movement.

5. Develop a list serve with respect to the labor breakout as well as use of social media.

6. Demand that police be required to wear cameras.

To become involved in this working group:

Use the working groups sign-up form to select groups to get involved in.

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  1. It's time for the labor movement in this country to, once again, take on the responsibility of defending the human and civil rights of the communities in which our workers live. Labor unions have to recognize and actively become involved with demanding an end to the vicious police crimes that are being perpetuated daily, against people of color in working class communities. The entire labor movement has to strongly question the legitimacy of those police labor unions that allow their officers to disrespect, torture, beat and kill poor and working people! At the end of the day, only a mass effort involving labor, will ensure the establishment of our best alternative, the Civilian Police Accountability Council (CPAC). Labor + CPAC = Victory!